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Instructor-Student, A-B flows

Okay, so I want my cake and eat it, too!

1.  Using separate flows, A & B on left & right masters , respectively  
2.  Left (A) being screen shots of software or powerpoint slides  
     with conditional text as follows:    
     a)  Teacher - with instructor notes, instructions, info, etc.  
     b)  Student - with space for note taking  
3.  Right (B) being the student material (exercises, text) which appears

     in both guides.  

So that A (Left) and B (Right) have separate page numbers,
so the student guide and the teacher's guide coincide?  

I know that with this setup, if the Instructor notes do not
exceed the space allocated for Student notes, then both guides
will coincide via their page numbers, and I probably do not even need
separate flows.  

But, otherwise. . . . .
Any more elegant setup suggested?

John D. Pilla,  Optum Inc.
Senior Product Information Analyst
(704) 423-7456,  Fax:  x7177

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