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Re: Outlines

Robin Whitmore of BlueDot Systems, Inc. asked about outlining a la Word.
While Ananda Banttari recommended a good add-on product, here are a couple
more ideas:

1.  Write your outline first, using your Heading paragraph tags.  It's not
hard to retag for a level-change, and moving around within level will
automatically renumber.  Then when you're ready to flesh it out, insert
your normal paragraphs right into the outline.  [As a variant on this one,
if you want outline-style numbering on the outline and chapter-style
numbering on the document, you could have two templates: each with a set of
tags with the same names but a different numbering style.  To apply the
"other" style, just import your paragraph tags from the template file.]

2. If you use the FM+SGML product, its "structured view" is very like a
collapsible outliner.  In that case, you have the advantages above, plus
moving from one level to another automatically renumbers.  And you can
effectively collapse back to the outline at any time.  [It's probably not a
good enough reason to convert everything to SGML, but if you're converting

Alice Preston
Piscataway, NJ  USA

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