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Re: Clean install of FM 556

This is nothing "generic" that we know about. Exactly what
version of AdobePS are you using? The latest is 4.2.4; the
info below doesn't provide that information. (The "About" button
under the "Paper" tab provides the full version number.)
And what printer(s) is it setup for?

If this is happening of a new (Win95) PC and ISN'T happening
on existing, established systems with similar configurations,
I would seriously check to see if there is a newer version of
a video driver available for the new system. Bugs in video
drivers have terrible side effects that masquerade as problems
in application programs or other drivers. The "plain vanilla"
drivers shipped with Windows'95/'98/NT4 for video cards such
as ATI and Matrox have been somewhat problematic. Going to the
manufacturer's web site and downloading the latest and greatest
have often dramatically improved system stability, performance,
and functionality.

	- Dov

At 1/7/99 11:55 AM , John Pilla wrote:
>One of our licensed users has recently received a new (Win95) PC.
>After doing a fresh, clean install of FM 556, we try to run FM and 
>get the infamous GPF.  I have never seen this before.  
>Retried a fresh install after clearing the registry of all FM references
>get same.  
>The details of the GPF are listed below.  I have installed FM 556 on 
>my PC with no problems and running it about 1-1/2 months now.  
>Any Help?   (...is that related to the any key?)
>It looks like its related to the Adobe PS4 driver, but what to do?  
>FRAMEMAKER caused a general protection fault
>in module ADOBEPS4.DRV at 0006:00001fb6.
>EAX=01000000 CS=40bf EIP=00001fb6 EFLGS=00000282
>EBX=0000ffc2 SS=39df ESP=000083b8 EBP=000083c4
>ECX=00000000 DS=40df ESI=0000000e FS=1536
>EDX=00003e46 ES=3e46 EDI=00000000 GS=3e7e
>Bytes at CS:EIP:
>26 8b 07 8b de 03 de 03 5e 04 8e 46 06 26 89 07
>Stack dump:
>00000000 0001001f 01010000 2117843e 3e860000 00000010 00003e4f 01383e7e
>00003e7e 00003e7e fc180000 00000000 01f40000 02000000 02010207 6c72614d

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