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Re: What the Distiller warning really means

Paul Schulte's interpretation below may explain why Distiller produces the
warning, but 99% of the time, that's not what causes the warning to be
produced. Suppose I have a heading, and I don't have any newlink marker
inserted in it. But, suppose I insert cross-references to that heading,
generate a TOC and an index that have GotoObject links to the heading, and
also turn on Generate Acrobat data in the Frame Print dialog box so as to
produce bookmarks for the headings in Acrobat. A newlink marker is not
involved, yet the warning is produced.
At 12:12 PM 12/8/98 -0500, Walter Gallant wrote:
>Paul wrote:
>> What does this warning message actually mean?
>> % [ Warning: The following Named Destinations were defined more than once ]
>> %

>My understanding is that these messages =are= meaningful.  The distiller
>reports them to the screen and to a .log file in the directory where
>you're distilling the .pdf file.
>This particular message is telling you that you have created a newlink
>marker with identical destination names--a no-no.  Acrobat handles this
>situation by using the =first= newlink destination it finds, regardless
>of whether it's the right one.
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