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Re: What the Distiller warning really means


Paul wrote:

> What does this warning message actually mean?

> % [ Warning: The following Named Destinations were defined more than once ]
> %

> Dan's advice was to ignore it, which I routinely do as I do not have the
> time or the chartered responsibility to make sure every link and bookmark
> actually works. (When just pdf image only scans are acceptable for most
> archival needs, it's hard to justify the investigation time.)

> I've never seen any answer that explains what might be going on between
> FrameMaker and the Acrobat Distiller here. Any additional light that can be
> shed on this subject would be appreciated.

My understanding is that these messages =are= meaningful.  The distiller
reports them to the screen and to a .log file in the directory where
you're distilling the .pdf file.

This particular message is telling you that you have created a newlink
marker with identical destination names--a no-no.  Acrobat handles this
situation by using the =first= newlink destination it finds, regardless
of whether it's the right one.

To fix this I make an alphabetical list of markers and find the duplicated
newlinks.  I then change one (or more) of them, making them unique.
I then search on the gotolinks, openlinks, etc., to find which ones
link to the duplicated newlinks, and change each one to point to the
correct newlink destination.

Walter Gallant
Principal Technical Writer
Ardent Software, Inc.

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