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FW: Adobe FrameMaker

Confirmation of Adobe's commitment to Frame.
-----Original Message-----
From: Judi Webster [mailto:jwebster@Adobe.COM] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 1998 8:50 AM
To: Dina Davidson
Cc: sfehr@Adobe.COM
Subject: Adobe FrameMaker

Dina: It was a pleasure to meet you at the Adobe seminar in Vancouver last
week. As you requested, here is written confirmation of Adobe's recent
decisions regarding FrameMaker. Adobe, under John Warnock's leadership, has
reaffirmed its commitment to FrameMaker and to FrameMaker customers and
partners. We will be investing in resources and deliverables to enhance and
sustain the FrameMaker product line. 

Adobe believes that FrameMaker plays a critical role in the company's
overall corporate strategy. To that end, Adobe is committed to Version 6.0
of the product. In addition to the engineering effort for this next version,
additional resources commitments were recently approved in Product
Marketing, QA, and Developer Support. 

For further questions you may contact Steve Fehr at 604/273-3161. Thank you
for your continued support of the FrameMaker product. 



Judi L. Webster 

Vice President and General Manager, North America 

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