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Re: PostScript/PCL

If I may, a note or two or three ...

	- Dov

At 11/19/98 02:31 PM , Dan Emory wrote:
>I might add that the quality achieved when printing to either a postscript
>or non-postscript printer is generally superior when Type 1 postscript
>fonts, not TrueType fonts, are used.

Although the above would certainly make Adobe's type group happy, officially
and practically, Adobe does not stand behind this assertion. Recent (last 3 years)
Adobe PostScript-based printers as well as Acrobat render TrueType quite well,
even by the standards of demanding, high-end publishers. The caveats are that
(1) any TrueType fonts that are used (and this by the way, also applies to Type 1
fonts) should be obtained from reputable sources --- poorly prepared fonts have
poor spacing and rendering quality and (2) that driver settings should always
call for "TrueType as Type 42" of "Native" as opposed to "Outline" or "Bitmap"
when creating PostScript for subsequent distillation or printing to devices
that natively TrueType. All Adobe PostScript 3 devices and most all Adobe PostScript
Level 2 devices since version 2015 (plus many from version 2014) provide the
highest quality native TrueType (i.e., Type 42) support.

(The reason why a large number of service bureaus and consultants warn
against use of TrueType is due to the fact that a very large number of
TrueType fonts that somehow find their way into production jobs are
nth generation conversions of fonts via Fontographer and other programs
that were originally legit Type 1 fonts. Every conversion losses a bit
in the translation, so to speak.)
>... Also, when using Distiller to produce the PDF, it is
>important to turn off all graphic compression options, because most
>compression algorithms produce loss of graphic detail.

To be a bit more precise, ALL of the "Monochrome Bitmap Compression"
options are safe because none of them are lossy. Similarly, the
manual "ZIP" compression options for "Grayscale Bitmap" and "Color Bitmap"
images are perfectly safe because they also not lossy. Except for the most
critical work, use of the automatic "ZIP/JPEG Low" compression settings
for "Grayscale Bitmap" and "Color Bitmap" will generally yield printed 
results without any noticeable degradation. What you must be very careful
about are the "downsampling" options. These are very lossy and 72dpi, the
default settings for grayscale and color, are not what you would want for
any type of printing. Nor would you want the 300dpi setting for monochrome
bitmaps. I recommend turning off the downsampling in the Distiller. Downsample
images in Photoshop as appropriate going into FrameMaker (or whatever other
program you import into).

Also, the "compress text and line art" option should be used. It is not
lossy. Also, don't check the "ASCII format" option.

>Also, as I mentioned in an earlier telecon with Linda, it is important,
>particularly on Windows 9x platforms, that you use the latest version of the
>AdobePS driver, rather than the defective default postscript printer driver
>that comes with Windows 9x. The current version of AdobePS is 4.2.4. Once
>this driver has been installed, you then install, in AdobePS, the Postscript
>Printer Descriptions (PPDs) for Acrobat Distiller and any other printers you
>intend to use. These steps will allow you to bypass the defective Microsoft
>postscript printer driver that comes with Windows 9x. And, of course, it's
>also important to have the latest version of Adobe Type Manager (ATM) or ATM
>deluxe installed on the platform where FrameMaker and Acrobat Distiller are

Hurrah! I wholeheartely agree. Only caveat is that you cannot legally use
the AdobePS driver with printers that emulate Adobe PostScript such as some
recent LaserJets (4000, 5000, 8000, 8100), Lexmark printers, and all 
devices with Harlequin software -- sorry! The Acrobat Distiller IS an
Adobe PostScript device for purposes of driver usage.

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