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> From:	Acton, Cheryl [SMTP:Cheryl.Acton@GSC.GTE.Com]
> Sent:	Thursday, November 19, 1998 1:54 PM
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> Subject:	PostScript/PCL
> With all the information on the list about FrameMaker and 
> printer drivers/font technology/PostScript/TrueType/production/Acrobat/ATM
> etc., I realize there is a lot to learn. Well, I was talking with our
> system
> administrator about using the new AdobePS 5.0.1 printer driver for some
> networked printers and he said incidentally, we'd probably be getting away
> from using PostScript and instead we would be using HP's PCL. Would anyone
> clue me in on the implications of this? Is this something I should present
> a
> case against? We use networked HP printers from Unix and NT 4.
	Cheryl, perhaps someone with better technical knowhow can answer the
specifics of your question, but I'd be willing to be that the motivating
decision is money. PostScript support in HP printers is an added cost (PCL
is HP's own language, and so is buried in the cost of the printers).
However, it's still the standard langauge for most printhouses, so if you
deal with outside printers, in my opinion, you should make a case for
preserving at least one printer capable of doing PS.

	A key question you might want to get answer to is: can Adobe Acrobat
print to a 'PCL' printer with no problems (I'm unsure of the answer to this
question, but am inclined to think the answer is "no")?

	If it can, then disposing of your PS printers inhouse is less of a
worry, since you can produce PDFs of all your documents on your machine,
without actually having a PostScript printer, and then print the PDFs out
(and give the PDFs to your printhouse when needed).

	Hope this helps, but I'm sure that someone with more technical
knowledge of PS vs PCL will jump in and clarify the situation for you.


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