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Civility and the List

There have been several posts here in the last few days
objecting to Dan Emory's comments about conditions on
the commercial framers list.  Indeed, sarcastic complaints
from *any* source are uncalled for here.  I have asked
Dan to let go of the past, and he has graciously agreed.
I want to offer him my public thanks for that.  So you 
can all turn your kill filters off now.  ;-)

In conclusion, I'd like to note that:
  1.  The *facts* Dan offered were all accurate; the issue
was his "tone", and the point of bringing them up at all.
  2.  Some of the *objections* to his comments were more
nasty and insulting to Dan and the group as a whole than
anything he ever said.  Others were civil and appropriate.
  3.  On *any* list, one will generally do better by not
responding to posts that one doesn't like, and going on
to the ones one does, than by replying with nastiness.

I want to thank those who have maintained their civility
and equanimity during the past week.  Together we will
create a resource here that will be of great benefit to 
all.  You have my warmest appreciation!

Jeremy H. Griffith                        jeremy@omsys.com 
VP, Software Development             http://www.omsys.com/
Omni Systems, Inc.             California and Vermont, USA               

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