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Why bother with 5.5.6?

I use 5.5.3 on Solaris (UNIX) and after reading the FAQ and other
assorted details about 5.5.6, I can find no reason to upgrade.  I have
no use for most of the features (XML, Word 97, Chinese & Korean, Color
palette), and the other cool features are not available on UNIX (placed
PDF and Adobe Online).  Note that this last point about what's NOT
available is only in the support announcement
(http://www.adobe.com/supportservice/custsupport/NOTES/949e.htm) and not
in the official FAQ (frmfaq.pdf) and Features lists.

There is one very intriguing comment on
http://www.adobe.com/prodindex/framemaker/feature1.html, it says, 

  "You can even save an entire set of books as Adobe PDF, and use 
   converted hypertext links and cross-references to help navigate 
   between them."

Has anyone tried this?  Does it really work as marketed?

What I'd really like is a published list of the bugs that have been
fixed since 5.5.3.

So, if you beta tested this on UNIX, can you tell me why I should bother
to upgrade?



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