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Enough Already


STOP IT!  We all value your technical input but cut this you know what out.
This list is for technical topics not personal grudges.  You know I am a
tolerant person but I have reached my limit.  Free framers is free for a
variety of reasons but keep your personal problems off the list.  If you
hate it so much unsubscribe.


Please, no one respond to this message or Dan's previous post unless it is
to me or him personally.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: owner-framers@omsys.com [mailto:owner-framers@omsys.com]On Behalf
> Of Dan Emory
> Sent: Friday, October 16, 1998 2:14 PM
> To: Free Framers
> Subject: No Apology for Brad Framers going down
> Brad Framers came back up (sort of) with a smattering of about 10 posts
> shortly before midnight EST on 10/15/98 after going down about 7:45 PM EST
> on 10/13/98--an outage of about 50 consecutive hours. Sometime later that
> night, the remaining residue of about 50 posts came through.
> Notably missing from those postings was an apology/explanation from the
> "owner," much less a statement from him describing what changes he's going
> to make to avoid a repetition. Arrogance pure and simple.
> Notice also that no one on the BradList has so far posted
> anything that even
> takes notice of the outage, much less one demanding an explanation.
> Has it reached the point where none of the 2000 people on Brad
> Framers even
> expects an explanation, or is it that they fear such a demand would bring
> down upon them the wrath of the "owner?"
> Dan Emory
> Dan Emory & Associates
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> and Database Publishing Specialists
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> E-Mail: danemory@primenet.com
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