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Re: XML DTDs -- offtopic?

At 01:29 PM 10/12/98 -0600, manderson@amlibs.com wrote:
>I am considering giving every element in my DTD a "RevNum"
>attribute, but that seems kind of brute-force -- and then I'm a bit
>worried about the implications for parent/child elements.
>I am also considering using an XML+Database solution for some of these
>docs, if that makes a difference . . . I'll be custom-building one, since I
>can't even afford FM+SGML, never mind a full-blown DMS.
>HOW this relates to Framemaker:
>Well, I'm writing the docs in FM, and will be using the XML capabilities
>(or lack thereof) that are supposedly found in the next version of FM.
I seriously doubt that the new 5.5.6 FrameMaker will support custom
attributes such as you're describing, whereas FM+SGML would.
>Anyway, does anyone have recommendations? I expect that this sort
>of thing has been handled for *ages* in the SGML world, which I'm
>not even remotely familiar with right now.
If I were you, I'd go the database route, preferably where each element is
stored separately in a DB that knows how to parse the SGML document
instances into elements according to your DTD, and can then reassemble the
elements into documents (or portions thereof) when you check them out. Each
time you check a document (or portion thereof) out of the DB and then check
the edited version back in, the DB would automatically update the RevNum
attribute of each element that was changed.

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