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Using Tables for Figures

     I have a table format which I use to display multipage figures.  This 
     is a 1-column table with a title below which contains paragraph tag 
     Figure Caption, which has the word "Figure" followed by the figure 
     number as an autonumber stream (f:Figure <n+>\t).  I also use the 
     table sheet variable to have words "Page 1 of 2" (or whatever 
     appropriate page number) appear after the text for the title of the 
     I sometime use this table to contain graphics.  I place an anchored 
     frame in each cell of the table (for a 2-page table, it would have two 
     cells).  I place the graphic directly inside the anchored frame.
     Here is my problem: If I set the Orphan Rows for this table in Table 
     Designer to 1, the title becomes invisible on the first page of the 
     table.  I can click in it and see my flashing cursor, but I cannot see 
     any text (and I pressed Ctrl-L to check, I even printed out the page, 
     the text is truly invisible).  If I set the Orphan Rows to 2, I get a 
     blank page for the paragraph tag that contains the table anchor, and 
     the table begins on the next page with the title being visible.
     Neither one of these solutions is acceptable, if anyone has any 
     workaround for this apparent bug, or if someone could explain what I 
     might be doing wrong, I would appreciate it.
     Much thanks, 

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