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Re: Encore: draft of posting protocol

Jeremy wrote:

>As to the issue <g>, I'd suggest we do both; link to the STC sites that
>*are* publicly available (and list those that aren't, for the benefit
>of STC members who don't know about them), and also allow postings to list.
>It hasn't been much of a problem here...

I must learn to write more clearly. ;-)

My suggestion wasn't to link to any local chapter STC site's job bank.
(Which ones would we link to? There are 144 of them around the world.) I was
suggesting that we have a job page on our Free Framers' Web site (modelled
after the STC job bank lists). Or we could get really ambitious and set up
an employment database like the one on the STC head office site. And we
should certainly link to that (http://www.stc-va.org/employmentframe.html ).

Lynda Simons
Technical Communications Consultant
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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