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Re: Encore: draft of posting protocol

Jeremy H. Griffith wrote:

> Yes.  Really, what we want is discussion on *all* topics of interest to
> the list members.

> What we *don't* need is ... repeats of the long previous post at the end
> of yours ...

As part of the list protocol, let me put in a special plea for three things:

1) As Jeremy points out, no appending of the entire text of previous
   messages. Please snip as appropriate or summarize. I respect the time and
   attention that other list subscribers are spending both reading
   the messages and providing help. (And later on when we go through the
   archives searching for stuff, this will be of great help!)
2) Please pick your subject line very carefully! I use the Subject line
   to decide what I want to jump to. "Help!" or "Ugh!" aren't really useful
   Subjects. We're writers (mostly, no?), so we ought to be really good at this!
   (This hits the point I made in #1 about subsequent archive searches as
3) Especially BIG "please" to turn off HTML encoding of your e-mail
   messages. Those of us who still use old-fashioned mailers (am I the
   only one?) find it impossible (almost) to decipher the actual text
   (even though, like many, I am quite fluent in raw HTML -- I'm just
   not a very good biological Web browser! ;-)

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