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TRAINING: FrameMaker Training, North Carolina (USA), October 22and 23

After protracted perusal of the posting protocol...

Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc., will be offering a two-day
FrameMaker class in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, on October 22
and 23 (Thursday and Friday).

This fast-paced, hands-on course is intended for individuals who meet one
of the following prerequisites:

* beginner-level knowledge of FrameMaker
* working knowledge of a desktop publishing tool, such as QuarkXPress,
PageMaker, or Ventura Publisher
* intermediate-to-advanced knowledge of a word-processor, such as Word or

Cost is $675. Miscellaneous discounts are available.

For details, please go to our web site:


and click on the FrameMaker Training link OR jump directly to the training
page at:


You can also email me for more information.


Sarah O'Keefe
PO Box 12761, RTP, NC 27709

PS We have also scheduled a three-day WebWorks Publisher class for January
27-29, 1999. More details to come soon.

Sarah O'Keefe           Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc.
FrameMaker ACE (Adobe Certified Expert)
okeefe@scriptorium.com  http://www.scriptorium.com    

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