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Re: Why Brad shouldn't be the list manager for Framers

>Brad knows about that "without cause" clause in his VAR contract. If (as I
>suspect) Adobe has complained to Brad about the harshness of some of the
>Framers postings, what is Brad to do? If he ignores Adobe, he may be in
>jeopardy. The logical thing is to make an example out of the harshest Adobe
>critic (me). When you want to fire an employee who's not a "team player",
>you issue written reprimands to that employee. When you get enough
>reprimands, you fire him. The rest of the employees get the message. To
>preserve their jobs (or posting privileges), they avoid repetition of that
>conduct. Be a team player or else. Intimidation, pure and simple.

I know that people take great delight in branding you as a conspiracy
theorist, but after 20 years in a variety of large corporate settings it
seems pretty clear that implicit intimidation keeps thousands of mouths
tightly shut because ultimately most people are prisoners of their
responsibility to feed themselves and their families.  Wish I had a dollar
for every meeting I've been in where employees were implored to say what
needs to be done to improve the workplace, and yet people didn't say what
they really thought, but you learned about it later in the pub.  Bet you've
all been there.  Intimidation works most places, but not on this list ;-)

- web

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