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Re: List Protocols - first cut

At 7:19 PM +0000 1/10/98, Jeremy H. Griffith wrote:
>On Thu, 1 Oct 1998 13:46:26 -0400, krezel@sweng.stortek.com (Lili Krezel)
>>Some of us only heard about this new list this morning, because
>>of Rick's post to the old list. So we haven't actually seen the
>>first draft of Protocols. Could these be (re-)posted for the
>>benefit of those who weren't in at the actual birth? The ensuing
>>commentary would make more sense. Thanks.
>Good idea.  Bill, could you do that, since you drafted them?
>The one problem is that with subscriptions coming in at a
>good clip, we'll have another set of fresh faces in an hour.
>Any ideas, folks?  Perhaps we need to put working drafts
>on the Web?

sure, in a mail to follow.  On the web is fine.  who puts them up and where?

- web

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