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RE: Adobe Interest

Two of them already have joined.  Neither sports an address I've ever seen
on the old list, so I have no idea who they are.  Maybe just curious about
what all the buzz is about.  But they're here, so say hello.

One thing they need to understand is this.  When we complain about the
product it's because we *care* about it, want to use it, want it to be
better, and want to promote it (and see people use it instead of Word),
want to see Adobe promote it to increase the user base, but we also want to
be listened to when it comes to the upgrades.  In the past our carping has
always been interpreted by a portion of the list as nothing but whining.
It's our profound interest in Frame that gives us such strong opinions.

- web

At 12:41 PM -0400 1/10/98, dhays@NOVALIS.COM wrote:
>I would hope that most Adobecians (sic) would have broad enough shoulders
>to recognize that the comments of a few are not those of the whole. But it
>would be their decision to join this forum.
>Dennis Hays
>Manager, Documentation Services
>Novalis Corporation
>One Columbia Circle
>Albany, NY 12203
>Telephone: 518/862-3465
>Facsimile: 518/862-3480

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