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I endorse your action and recommend you take the following addtional steps:

 o  Write a script to spin the Framers Archive and automatically
    subscribe anyone who has posted to Brad's list.  Although Brad's
    archive is broken I know there are two or three others at other

 o  After subscribing everyone, make this message the initial post 
    that they receive from the new list.  I know some people will be
    upset at the automatic subscription, but it will be very important
    to build momentum for the new list rapidly.  It may even provoke
    an early surrender by Brad.

 o  Watch out on the amount of work you are undertaking.  We run a list
    for our cash paying customers and it takes a lot more than $180 to
    support it.  All that is required is a small change by one of the
    major EMail tool vendors and it can trigger hundreds of hours of
    system support time to straighten out the mess.  I am sympathetic
    with Brad's problems in the regard.

Regarding the Web Site, I would recommend that you give serious 
consideration to installing a Domino server.  The server is Lotus Notes 
based and comes with tons of templates for doing stuff like FAQs and 
article posting and linking.  Comes with a great search engine.  Allows 
posting and downloading of attachments to Web content.  Accepts and 
produces RTF in addtion to HTML.

Small business prices are really cheap.  If you are interested our firm
would probably donate the software.  It has worked well for us. 



On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, Jeremy H. Griffith wrote:

> This has been a difficult post for me to write.  Please bear
> with me for a while...

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