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RE: Change Bars


Check your settings for the pagination of the document - is it a
single-sided file?

Also, check the position of the body text frames on the Left and Right
master pages - are they setup such that the text frames have the same
placement so there is no difference as to which side is closest/farthest
from the edge?

- Lester 
 Lester C. Smalley               Email: lsmalley AT infocon DOT com 	
 Information Consultants, Inc.   Phone: 302-239-2942 FAX: 302-239-1712	
 Yorklyn, DE  19736                Web: www.infocon.com	

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Rita Lewis [mailto:rita.lewis@xxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 09:36
> To: framers@xxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Change Bars
> I'm having trouble getting change bars to appear on the 
> outside edge of odd and even pages. I've tried the "Choose 
> Side Closer to Page Edge" and "Choose Side Farther from Page 
> Edge," but the bar appears on the same side on all pages 
> (left or right, respectively). I'm using FrameMaker 7.1. Is 
> this a bug or is there something else I need to do?
> Please cc me directly, as I am currently subscribed to digest 
> and I'm working on a project that needs to be completed tomorrow.
> Thanks,
> Rita

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