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Bleed tabs and registration marks

I need to add bleed tabs and crop/registration marks to my PDF output.  I use Framemaker 7.0 for Windows and Acrobat 5.0.

I read this posting from the archives. http://www.freeframers.org/archive/04/msg00164.html

The finished page is 8.5x11 inches.  I have set the bleed tab offsets to -.25 inches so that they extend past the page edge.  I also selected "Western" registration marks when generating the PDF.  How do I produce PDF with extra space around the "actual" page and with the registration marks?

I was able to make it work on a sample file that was smaller than 8.5x11 inches.  In that case, the PDF printed on an 8.5x11 page and the smaller content was centered with its registration marks visible.  To do this, I had printed a .ps file and distilled it.

I can't seem to extend the technique to the actual job because none of the Acrobat page sizes are big enough to fit my 8.5x11 content with room for the registration marks.

Can anyone share a technique for producing PDF that contains 8.5x11 inch content with registration marks around it?


Peter Desjardins
The Oak Group
Wellesley, MA  USA

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