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Re: ghost character inserted during MSWord import

This is a bug in the FrameMaker 7 Word import filter. It is actually a
line-feed character (ASCII 13). It has caused me grief in some of my
FrameScript scripts, so I routinely strip them out. If they cause problems
in any of your processes, you can strip them out; otherwise, you can
probably leave them alone.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing
585 659-8267

> Hi framers,
> I have just finished to convert a book from FM7.0 to XML and I
> discovered that the xml is littered with unicode FFFD characters (which
> does not exist and therefore results in garbage) at the end of almost
> every para.
> Upon inspection of the various files used during the production of the
> book I discovered that they appeared during the import from MSWord2000
> into FM; they are not visible, but they are there since you can count
> the bytes.
> This is not a big problem since it does not affect the PDF for print
> production and a global replace can cure easily the xml files,
> nevertheless this is annoying and potentially dangerous.
> Anyone has ever incountered such a problem ?
> Thanks in advance,
> __peppo

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