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Re: Any compelling reasons to upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1? Any other good tools?

Hi Ananda,

I would suggest FrameScript so you can automate as much of your workflow as
possible. Then any unused budget can be given to you as a raise for your
increased productivity! :-)

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing
585 659-8267

> The local manager just let it slip that he's got lots of unused software
budget this year (!). I am wondering if there are any compelling reasons to
upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1 if the local group does not use the structured
document or XML capabilities.
> While we're contemplating purchase orders, what other tools would you add?
Acrobat 7 is already on the list. (Thanks, Dov.)
> We're using FrameMaker on Windows 2000. The software we're documenting is
on Windows, Solaris, and Linux. Any suggestions for screen capture programs
on the latter two would be welcome!
> Thanks,
> Ananda
> --
> K. Ananda Stevens
> Currently writing for GE Medical Systems

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