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Named Destinations in Profusion?

When I went to add Named Destinations to a PDF, I discovered thousands of
them already in the Destinations dialog. Many of them have numbers like
G1027698 or I1.1056192. They dramatically prolong the scanning time required
to find my 5 or 6 named destinations. 

Does anyone have any idea how to keep these out of the PDF or how to remove
them enmasse? We recently converted to FrameMaker from Word--do you suppose
they're artifacts from importing the Word files? I remember seeing something
like them, I think identified as cross-refs, in one or two files when we
were doing the conversion.

I've tried saving PDFs with the PDF Setup>Links>Create Named Destinations...
turned on and off--no difference. I find nothing enlightening in the Adobe
or O'Keefe guides, and don't have time to research at the moment.

I need to resolve this tomorrow, preferably, to have settings ready for a
product build. Can anyone shed any light on it?

Mike Long

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