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RE: Opinions on images

Ed Treijs offers some reasonable reasons for embedding images, but also
an unreasonable one:
<snip> I don't quite see how I 
> could update 40
> images in an import-by-reference doc without quite an elaborate naming
> system for each image, or opening the images to check what 
> they are before
> overwriting them with the updated image. </snip>

Maybe I understand your thinking. Updates are _automatic_ if the images
are referenced -- as long as you don't change the name of the image
file. If you look at Fig. 2 (02.bmp imported by reference) and realize
it needs to be replaced, you take a new screen shot, save it as 02.bmp
in that chapter's graphics directory (overwriting the existing file),
and -- SHAZAM! -- you've updated the image in FM. 

Same thing with edits. If you notice that Fig. 7 needs some tweaking,
you open 07.bmp in your graphics program, edit and save it, and -- BAM!
-- it's updated in FM. 

That's _much_ easier than deleting the existing (embedded) image and
importing (embedding) a new or edited one.

IMHO, of course. ;-)


Richard G. Combs
Senior Technical Writer
Voyant, a division of Polycom, Inc.
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