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RE: Frame insists on adding empty page

Mary, the pagination options available at the book level differ slightly from the options available at the file level. I apologize for being vague in my previous post. Also, ignore what I said about Read from File; I was thinking of the numbering properties rather than the pagination properties.

1. At the file level, FOR ALL FILES, I set the options as follows:
1stPage Side = Right (because Next Available Page is not an option here and is conveniently overridden by the booklevel Next Available Page);
Before Saving and Printing = Delete Empty Pages. The last file in the book I set to Make Page Count Even and manually ensure that the last page in my book is an even-numbered page.

2. At the book level, I select all files, right-click, and set the options as follows:
1stPage Side = Next Available Page;
Before Saving and Printing = Delete Empty Pages. The last file, again, I set to Make Page Count Even.

In my superstitious experience, if any of these settings are accidentally changed, I get unwanted blank pages and also double right- or left-hand pages. But even using these setting, sometimes I must reset them several times at both the book and file level before they "stick." I think it is just Frame's way of reminding me who's boss.


At 11:21 AM 1/29/2004 -0500, you wrote:
Do you mean you set the first file to "Read from File" and all others "Next Available Page"? That's what I did, and it did get rid of the annoying blank pages. Now I'm just left with the double-right dilemma.

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