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Re: Message box when PDF files created with Acrobat 6 are opened withAcrobat 4 or 5?

At 1/26/2004 11:57 PM, Reng, Winfried wrote:
>I got a note that Acrobat 4 or 5 will display
>a message box when a PDF file was created with
>Acrobat 6. No matter whether the PDF format
>was 1.3 or 1.4.
>Can anyone confirm that? I did not see this
>behaviour myself.
>If yes we would need to save each PDF file
>with Acrobat 5 before they are published.
>Best regards

Absolutely NOT true! If you create a PDF file in Acrobat 6
(any version) but have your joboptions set for PDF 1.2 or 1.3,
you will get no messages from Acrobat 4.x, Acrobat 5.x, Acrobat
Reader 4.x, or Acrobat Reader 5.x. If you have the joboptions 
set for PDF 1.4, you will get no messages from Acrobat 5.x or
Acrobat Reader 5.x.

Note that if you "save" a PDF 1.2, 1.3, or 1.4 file under
Acrobat 6, the version number will be changed to 1.5. The
way around that problem is to use the "Advanced=>PDF Optimizer"
option of Acrobat 6 Professional that allows you not only to
optimize space within a PDF file (including resampling and
recompression of images), but also to save it as a particular
PDF version other than 1.5!

(When upgrading to Acrobat 6, I would most strongly recommend
the "professional" version to anyone other than the most
"casual" user. For Acrobat 5 users, Acrobat 6 Standard is in
many ways a downgrade!)

        - Dov

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