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Re: Another mousewheel question, FM6 on Win2K, AOpen mouse


Thanks for this pointer!

On my new HP Pavilion notebook, XP Home, the touchpad has a vertical and
horizontal scroll that works fine in FM, but my mouse is a Wacom tablet
mouse (not using the stylus yet) whose scroll wheel didn't work in FM. I
programmed the wheel to do Esc v s n (screen next) and Esc v s p (screen
previous), which worked well on pages, but within scrolling lists it wasn't
fine-enough control. Freewheel works well in all contexts.

Perhaps you'd want to extend the community service to posting it on
FrameUsers and Adobe U-to-U Forum?


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On 1/24/04 11:30 AM, "Steve Schwedland" <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I use a freeware program called FreeWheel.  I've been using it for at
> least 5 years with no problems.  You can get it at the following site:
> http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/2060/freewheel.html
> I know that there are several "fixes" that have been discussed over the
> years on this, and other, Frame discussion lists, but this solution has
> always worked for me no matter what Win OS I run on (and in the last 5
> years I have used this on A LOT of different systems),

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