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Re: purchasing Acrobat 6

At 1/21/2004 07:04 AM, Cathleen Janos wrote:
>Good morning all,
>I am currently suing Adobe Acrobat 5 and my company is going to upgrade
>to version 6. I notice there is a standard and professional version. Is
>one truly better than the other? The documents I work on tend to be
>graphic intensive. Could you give me some opinion before proceeding?
>Thank you.
>Cathleen Janos, CIW
>Documentation Specialist
>Rent-A-Center, Inc.
>800-275-2696 ext 1932


If you currently have Acrobat 5, the only "upgrade" that doesn't
LOSE features for you is to Acrobat 6 Professional. Acrobat 6 Standard
does not have all the features of Acrobat 5. I would not recommend it!

        - Dov

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