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[SOLUTION]: Import only user variables?

The approach described by Art Campbell is good, but you cannot import a   selection of your user variables.   The safest way to do this is to create a MIF snippet, in which you only   keep the information which is relevant to the variables which you want to   import into the other files of your book. 
 A MIF snippet can look like this: 
 <MIFFile 7.00> # Generated by FrameMaker 7.0p576 
 <VariableName `1-productname'> 
 <VariableDef `Information Mapping<superscript\>\xa8 <Default \xa6 Font\>'> 
 > # end of VariableFormat 
 <VariableName `2-companyname'> 
 <VariableDef `ATEK'> 
 > # end of VariableFormat 
 <VariableName `3-docname'> 
 <VariableDef `User Guide'> 
 > # end of VariableFormat 
 > # end of VariableFormats 
 # End of MIFFile
Finally, some advice on using variables: 
[1] Keep the variable name generic (and make the definition specific).
[2] Keep the list of user variables short and "manageable".
[3] Combine the variable name with a number, which will enable you to use   shortcuts to insert variables in your text (e.g. Esc+S+V+2 to get the   company name)

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