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OT: PDF Error

Hi All,

I create a PDF on the Mac and everything works fine, no errors when it is
created. When I open it with Acrobat Reader or Full Acrobat I get an error:

There is a problem reading this document (12).

Everything looks OK but I get this error.

Anyone have any idea what this error message means?

This is the only project that I have had this problem with. Other PDFs open
with no errors.

I am creating a ps file and then distilling using Acrobat 5 Distiller. (This
is on OS 9.2.1)


Ann Zdunczyk
a2z Publishing, Inc.
Adobe FrameMaker 5.5 ACE
PAL Member http://www.pal10n.net/
Phone: (336)922-1271
Fax: (336)922-4980
"Carpe Diem"
Can't is a word that should not be in your vocabulary!!!!!!!

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