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Facts about FM from FrameUsers conf?

OK, we're starting to get reports from the FrameUsers conference
on what was said about the next release of FM from Adobe.
Many thanks to Lester Smalley and Sean Brierley for the first
summaries! But, I'd like to know more :-)

I'd like to know in what context(s) Adobe talked about this,
how official it was, who said it, etc. Did the Adobe people
say any more besides the presentations, "off the record"?
Were things videotaped or recorded/transcribed?
Were there handouts or slides on this topic?

I'm trying to avoid having to put together a puzzle of
individual reports and "rumours". Having a calm, collected
summary from experienced framers would help us all to fight
further spreading of rumours about FM's future.

Perhaps Lester and Sean and others could compile a more
complete summary/report/transcript when things have settled
down a bit? Perhaps including remarks in passing like:
"We were told that there were quite a few more Solaris
users of FrameMaker than Mac users of FrameMaker."

Thanks in advance,

Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
Technical Communicator, Uppsala, Sweden
http://go.to/framers/  (updated on Oct. 29)

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