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"MIF round trip" cleanups: any possible problems?


As part of fixing up our FrameMaker 5.5.6 docs to work on FrameMaker 7.0, I
have been saving them as MIF and then opening the MIF and saving as the doc.
This is after the 5.5.6 doc has been converted by opening it in 7.0.

Sample results show that the size has been reduced (the original versions
are .old.fm):

      70656 Sep 19 17:22 RWconfig_CreateInstrums.fm*
      74752 Sep 19 16:20 RWconfig_CreateInstrums.old.fm*

     390144 Sep 19 17:22 RWConfigASCII.fm*
     447488 Sep 19 16:18 RWConfigASCII.old.fm*

     121856 Sep 19 17:22 RWConfigCategorized.fm*
     124928 Sep 19 16:23 RWConfigCategorized.old.fm*

Well, removing stuff that builds up in the docs is a Good Thing; but are
there any possible problems in doing this that I should watch out for?

Ed (garbage collector) Treijs

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