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Re: Acrobat 6 pro

(1) Before you install Acrobat 6 Pro (or Standard), you MUST
totally any earlier version(s) of Acrobat, Distiller (such as
the Distiller 5.0.5 bundled with FrameMaker 7), and Acrobat/Adobe

(2) For Acrobat 6 compatibility with the "save as PDF" feature
of FrameMaker 7, you MUST have your copy of FrameMaker 7 updated
with ALL the updates available on the Adobe web site.

        - Dov (@ Seybold)

At 9/11/2003 01:59 PM, Matt Sullivan wrote:
>Along the lines of Victor's Acro 6 question...
>I've installed Acrobat 6 Pro on my PC, but now have lost Frame's ability to
>Save as PDF.
>As Dov is solidly behind using that feature for PDF conversion, what gives?
>Can I direct Frame 7 to use Distiller 6?
>Do I reinstall Distiller 5.05?
>If so, do I keep both versions of distiller on the machine?
>Thanks for an thoughts!
>Matt Sullivan
>GRAFIX Training, Inc.
>1094 Cudahy Place, 102
>San Diego, CA 92110
>619 275-3963


>-----Original Message-----
>On Thursday, September 11, 2003, at 01:41  PM, Victor Caston wrote:
>> I finally got a copy of Acrobat 6 Pro, but before I go installing
>> anything, I thought I'd ask the collective wisdom of the list. (Wasn't
>> able to access the archives easily.)
>> 1. I've currently got Acrobat 5.05 installed. Should I uninstall it
>> first?

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