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Re: Running FrameMaker on WINE or CrossOver Office on Linux

> My other choice is to go to a Mac running OS 10, but I know that 
> you have to run Frame in some weird way (at least to a PC user) 
> when you do this.

Not so weird -- it runs in Classic mode (which looks like OS9 to
a Mac user) is all. You can cut&paste between Frame and OSX apps
and so forth.

If you prefer Linux for whatever reason, and you already have a
Mac, you can use YellowDog Linux and run Frame in the Mac-on-Linux
compatibility box. I've done this with Frame 6 & it worked fine.
Indeed, it worked fine with every app I tried (I didn't try any
twitch games though).

Larry Kollar, Senior Technical Writer, ARRIS
"Content creators are the engine that drives
value in the information life cycle."
    -- Barry Schaeffer, on XML-Doc

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