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Re: Running FrameMaker on WINE or CrossOver Office on Linux

At 02:26 AM 8/14/03, Oleg A.Paraschenko wrote:
   Hello Hedley,

On Thu, 14 Aug 2003 09:30:08 +1000
hedley_finger@myob.com.au wrote:

 > All:
 > Has anybody tried running FrameMaker on WINE

   Some time ago I tried to use FrameMaker on WINE, but wuthout 
success. Yes, I was able to type some text and generate 
PostScripts, but I found that FM was very unstable. So I 
switched to VMWARE (virtual computer emulator).


I'm thinking of moving totally to Linux, but Frame, Acrobat,
etc., have made me hesitate.

If you don't mind, what is your real world experience with
running Frame on a Linux box with VMWare? What version of Frame
are you running? Does it as smoothly (HA!) as it does on a W2K
machine? What about the other applications?

My other choice is to go to a Mac running OS 10, but I know that 

you have to run Frame in some weird way (at least to a PC user) 
when you do this.

What is your best judgement, move now or what a while longer?

Thanks for your help.

Best to you and yours,
Allen Schaaf
Information Engineering

The world is my oyster. Now if I can only
figure out where they hid the pearl.... 

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