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RE: XP and PS Driver

Actually, you never heard ME recommend Windows 3.x over Windows'95
or Windows NT4 over Windows 2000!

We did NOT recommend Windows NT 4 over Windows'9x simply because
it was Type 1 font and PostScript brain-dead! But compared to Windows'9x/Me
as well as Windows NT 4, Windows 2000 and XP were a tremendous breakthrough
in terms of reliability as well as support for Type 1 fonts and PostScript.

In terms of Windows XP, compared to Windows 2000 ...
Most of the critical updates and fixes made to the internals of Windows XP
also were made available to Windows 2000 in the four service packs
released to date. Therefore, if you already have Windows 2000, it really
doesn't buy you much at all to "upgrade" to Windows XP Pro, unless you 
really like the eye candy and the ubiquitous reminders to get a Microsoft
Passport and buy more Microsoft products. On the other hand, if you
need to upgrade a Windows'9x/Me system or get a new system with Windows XP
Pro, I certainly would NOT promote going back to Windows 2000!

        - Dov (NOT a Luddite!)

At 9/9/2003 08:40 AM, Moritz Berger wrote:
>I've heard that notion ("stick to the old and faithful") over and over
>Windows 2000 is worse (slower, less stable) than NT 4
>NT 4 is just a waste of hardware compared to Windows 95
>Windows 95 is inferior to Windows 3.1 (takes much longer to boot, for one
>Windows 3.1 is just eyecandy, better stick to DOS and a multitasking shell
>DOS is just a CP/M clone
>Do you expect that the logical time to start recommending Windows XP might
>arrive when the successor has been around for a couple of years ;-) ?
>Just kidding ...
>P.S.: If you just count the improvements in the 5.1 kernel (without
>regarding the new security and management features), there certainly is a
>not-so-small gap between Win2k and XP:
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>> downgrade -- Windows XP Pro is essentially Windows 2000 with 
>> an attitude and tollbooth), 

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