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RE: Color tiff graphics in Frame turn b/w in PDF

Ann Hastings wrote: 
> I have some color tiff files copied into a Frame doc. They 
> look fine in
> color onscreen and when printed out.
> But when I distill the doc into PDF, all the color graphics 
> are displayed in
> black and white!

Dollars to doughnuts you're using a physical laser printer driver
instead of a Distiller printer instance created using the Distiller PPD.
You don't mention platform or software versions, but one possibility is
that you're using the Save as PDF command and don't have FM7 (the first
version in which this command works properly). 

In earlier versions of FM, the Save as PDF command created the
PostScript file for Distiller using whatever is your default printer
instance. Typically, that's the LaserJet or similar black & white
printer down the hall. The result is no color -- among other harmful

If you're not using Save As, make sure you change the printer to Acrobat
Distiller in the Print dialog.  


Richard G. Combs
Senior Technical Writer
Voyant Technologies, Inc.
richardDOTcombs AT voyanttechDOTcom
rgcombs AT freeDASHmarketDOTnet

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