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Batch removal of colored text in PDF

My client has given me a PDF to include in a Frame manual I'm developing 
for him. I do not have access to the native file from which the PDF was 
created. The paragraph numbers are formatted to use different colors 
depending on what level they are. Cross-references are also colored. I need 
all text in the PDF to be black so that it prints correctly in hardcopy.

I know how to change text color using the Text Attributes window. Is there 
a way I can batch this? There are hundreds of paragraph numbers and I groan 
at the tedium of doing it one number at a time. If Time Savers is the 
solution, it must wait until after the Framers conference, because I'm 
getting my copy there.

Carol J. Elkins         A Written Word
Technical writing, indexing, & editing
Phone: 719-948-3773

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