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Re: XML cookbook questions

Hi Lynn (and others)

>   I find it much easier to maintain a structured template when the EDD
> often uses hierarchical styles that set only relevant 
> properties rather than
> referring to paragraph and character catalog entries. By all means use
> different paragraph formats for table cells and body paragraphs and
> various headings. 

Why should you define seperate paragraph formats for body paragraphs,
table cells and several headings?
I'm just curious... and let me explain a bit further: 
I know of the problems with broken inheritance in table cells and
footnote texts, but that's still not a reason for me to work with
several paragraph formats. With the correct usage of context rules at
table and footnote elements, I'm able to manage everything with one
paragraph format. Every other paragraph format in the template is used
on master pages (etc).
Especially in multi-language documents (CE, Cyrillic and Greek) the font
usage is depending on the lang-attribute at the highest element. And I
do not want to maintain 3 seperate paragraph formats...

Tilburg, The Netherlands

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