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Re: Frame 7.0 documentation puzzles?

You should receive at least one User Guide hard copy manual with FM 7; if
your purchase is done through a multiple-user licensing agreement, you may
receive only one copy of the documentation for the many licenses. You may
need to work with your site's software licensing person, to trace the
package through the company.

The online manuals are now PDF; you can create a desktop shortcut to the
online manuals folder, or even create shortcuts to the most-used online
manuals, but, yes, sorry, you can't open these files in FM any more.


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On 8/7/03 2:53 PM, "Ed Treijs" <etreijs@algorithmics.com> wrote:

> Hi;
> We recently upgraded from Frame 5.5.6 to Frame 7.0 (Windows).
> 1)  The IT person said that we did not get any printed documentation.  But
> the help mentions: "The Adobe FrameMaker 7.0 User Guide contains detailed
> information about the FrameMaker tools and commands." I read this to mean
> that the User Guide is not online help.  At the same time, the OnlineManuals
> directory does not contain anything that looks like the User Guide.
> Are we missing some documentation?
> 2)  In 5.5.6 (Windows) there was a selection under Help for "Online
> Manuals".  This was handy for looking up character sets, etc.  Under the
> Help menu in 7.0, I don't see any such item.  Is it hiding somewhere else?
> (The online help only mentions that "You will also find many PDF documents
> detailing advanced and platform-specific topics in the FrameMaker
> installation." and gives the location.)  A bit nasty having to point your
> Acrobat a few folders deep on your machine for online manuals....
> Is there any equivalent to the 5.5.6 Help>Online Manuals in 7.0?

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