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Re: Import XML fails with odd errors

DW Emory wrote:

> I interpret that you have an empty element named "option" which has two 
> attributes, value and label. What element (and element type does this 
> equate to in the EDD, and do the read/write rules properly identify this 
> EDD element and its type?

Thanks, Dan: yes, that's the structure, and I'm being real lazy - just 
bashing data from another source into sort-of-xml with some 
search-and-replaces so I don't have to retype it. So while the element & 
attributes match Frame EDD definitions, the file has no doc type 
declaration, I'm ignoring Frame application, and dismissing error 
messages during import.

Lynne points out that I needed a root element (if not much else) and 
that works.

Thanks for the response


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