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Re: [FrameSGML] Import XML fails with odd errors

At 10:02 PM 7/16/03 +0100, Mark Barratt wrote:
>I'm trying to import some xml fragments into a structured document with 
>lots of lines all like this:
><option value="Section_1.1_Part_A_(1)_a)" label="Section 1.1 Part A (1) 
>a)" />
>Frame (7, Windows) generates an 'Expected comment or processing 
>instruction' error for every line except the first.
>If I open it into a new FM document I get a file with a single element.
>Any idea why?

  The error message you mention refers to text found after the end of 
the highest-level element in an XML document--only comments or PIs
are permitted after the document element.
  FM 7.0 cannot import XML fragments consisting of multiple adjacent
siblings--the fragment must have a root element. It can import SGML
fragments that do not have a root. Furthermore, when it is importing
an entire XML document, it can handle references to entities consisting
of multiple adjacent siblings.
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