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Re: Track Changes-Solved, Revisited; Translation Management Solution

Sheila. Still no luck getting logged into the list. Can you do me another
favor and post this response to Andrew Becraft's comments.



I should clarify. The use of our plug-in complements rather than replaces
the translation memory tools. Indeed, translation memory tools provide a
benefit to the content owner. However, these tools are more of a benefit to
the translation service provider (because many providers still charge the
content owner for material that is already in the database).

With TDM, when you make a change to a translated document, you can send a
delta file to the translation service provider rather than the entire file.
Therefore, the number of words that the translators are looking at is
significantly less.

I hope this answers your question.

By the way, I'll be off-line between July 14 and 25. Please forgive me if I
do not respond during that time.

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