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My whereabouts

Well, all y'all might have waited until after Thanksgiving to have this discussion. I was out last week, visiting family in Texas.

FrameMaker: yes, responsibility for most of FrameMaker engineering has moved to Adobe India. They're a good group, and have done a great job on the transition.

Me: I'm now reporting to Naresh Gupta in India, the gentleman quoted in the original article, managing the remaining San Jose team. However, I'm taking an extended leave of absence starting in two weeks, and will be out until the middle of next year. I need to take care of deferred family business, get caught up on having a life, and figure out what to do next.

Framers presence: I've asked Isak Tenenboym to jump in more often, as a senior engineer on the team. Dov is obviously still around, as are other current and former team members. As the team in Noida (a suburb of Delhi) comes up to speed, we might get one of them to drop in now and then as well.

Extended team: most of the other groups that put FrameMaker together will continue on as before. Karl Matthews continues as Group Product Mgr in San Jose, with assistance from Jennifer Stern. The User Education group in Adobe Seattle will continue producing the documentation you all know and love. I'm not sure if localization is staying in San Jose or moving to Noida; pretty much nothing else changes.

Thanks, by the way, for your concerns about me and the rest of the engineering team. I think we're all pretty much coming out OK, and I'm glad I was able to provide useful information and perspectives.


At 11:38a -0800 11/26/02, Sean Brierley wrote:
>Cool. At last, some official fact.
>Thanks Dov. Will Lee still be on-list, or will someone
>else be stopping by for a chat?

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