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RE: Towards last talk - New features in Adobe InDesign 3

Thomas Michanek wrote: 
> From: "Dov Isaacs" <isaacs@adobe.com>
> > The article was removed because it was posted in violation of 
> > non-disclosure agreements between Adobe Systems and third parties.
> > Anyone publicly posting such material should expect a communication
> > from Adobe's legal staff.
> With all due respect, and admitting that I'm not a legal expert,
> I seriously doubt the above would affect anyone outside the USA
> not having signed an NDA concerning InDesign version 3.
> If anyone wants to challenge this, please let me know:
> 1) What law would allow Adobe to take legal action against anyone
>    (not under NDA) re-distributing already published material that
>    breaches the NDA
> 2) How that law would have jurisdiction outside of the USA
> Sorry for the off-topic post, and if you do have legal knowledge
> and wish to discuss this further, *please* take it off-list in
> private email with me.
> (Generally speaking, I think it's a good idea for readers on both
>  framers mailing lists to remember that this is an international list,
>  and that users of Adobe products can be found in many countries,
>  where national law always supersede Adobe's license agreements
>  (if there's a conflict).)

Anyone who doubt's Adobe's willingness to pursue legal action 
overseas should probably familiarize themselves with the EFF's 
"US v. ElcomSoft & Sklyarov FAQ": 


for their own safety's sake.

 e=sc^  (shiva@io.com) Earl Cooley III 

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