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Re: FrameMaker Gets a Boost -- and let's leave it at that


Could we stay on task here, people? This is a FrameMaker list. Let's not
wander too far away from why we're all "here."

Hey, I enjoy a good debate (even this one) more than most folks. (And I do
have to read your comments before I delete them.) Still, I think politics
and the economy should be in the same category as sex and religion -- topics
that are better discussed over a bottle or a pint, face to face. Or with
lots of smiley faces.  :)

One thing we should all recognize is that "here" -- this list -- is a
virtual community with people from such diverse places as Russia, Australia,
Canada, Israel....  maybe even India. Regardless of ideology and any other
"ology" that may distinguish us, we're all here because of Frame. If you
want any other intercourse, get a room. (And tell me where that room is.)

Jon Nowland

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