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USA trade hypocrisy -- MY OWN OPINION

A clarification: I noted, too late, that my previous post of 26/11/2002
11:57 under the subject "USA trade hypocrisy [was 'Re: FrameMaker Gets a
Boost (news item in India Times, Nov. 24)']" had gone out over my work
signature, owing to specifying the wrong stationery.

The opinions expressed are entirely my own and in no way represent those of
MYOB management or shareholders.

The major shareholders in fact are very supportive of charities operating
in the Third World but in no way should it be considered that I was
speaking on their behalf.


Hedley Finger
    User documentation and technical writing
    FrameMaker guru
Hand Holding Projects Pty Ltd   ABN 98 007 418 153
    Technical  consultancy for electronic publishing
    28 Regent Street   Camberwell VIC 3124   Australia
    Tel +61 3 9809 1229   Mobile +61 412 461 558
    E-mail <mailto:hfinger@handholding.com.au>

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