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RE: The Age-Old Illustrator-to-Frame Question (and Gripe)

FPO has been used for "for positioning only" much longer than
paintball has been around!

        - Dov (note correct spelling!)

At 11/21/2002 01:35 PM, Wagner, Scott (INV-EDH) wrote:
>Dove wrote:
>"EPS previews in most programs are considered to be FPO (for positioning
>Sorry Dov, but the FPO abbreviation is already in use by the paintball
>industry. It stands for Field Paint Only, and refers to the rule some
>paintball fields impose that requires the customer to purchase paintballs at
>the field rather than from a competitor.
>How about AFNBP (Aint For Nothing But Positioning)? I doubt that one has
>been used yet.

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